The Cape Home Designs

Environmentally sustainable ideals are a key aspect building at ‘The Cape’

Cape Eco Village HeaderThe Cape has commissioned the design of 10 project homes via a number of nominated designers and architects, each of whom has a proven record in designing high quality, sustainable housing.

Houses at The Cape are to be built to at least a 7.5 star energy rating, have at least 2.5 kilowatts of onsite solar as well as 10,000 litres of rainwater storage and be designed to operate without the need for fossil fuels. Provision for electric cars has been made throughout the village.

TS Constructions can build an environmentally sustainable, quality home that complies with all design requirements.  Ten homes have been developed that have been fully costed by TS Constructions and can be built on a selection of sites in the village.  Please click on any of the architects or design numbers to open a PDF brochure of the design;

Architect Design Building Size Bedrooms Bathrooms
Beaumont Concepts Design 1 117.2 m2 2 + study 2
Beaumont Concepts Design 2 177.5 m2 3 + rumpus 3
Adam Dettrict Design 1 134.6 m2 3 2
Adam Dettrict Design 2 131.7 m2 3 2
Design Habitat Design 1 152.5 m2 3 + study 2
Design Habitat Design 2 177.0 m2 4 + study 3
DKO Architects Design 1 132.1 m2 3 2
DKO Architects Design 2 174.8 m2 3 + study 3
Workshop Architecture Design 1 143.9 m2 3 + study 2
Workshop Architecture Design 2 178.5 m2 3 + study 3

DesignTS Constructions can also create a unique design using the input and guidance of purchasers.  Using a ‘Design & Construct’ (D&C) methodology, each aspect of the home is specified to meet both the requirements of the client and adhere to the guidelines of the village.

Click here to learn more about TS Constructions D&C process

Residents may also select their own design and architect, however all housing must meet high standards of environmental performance and will be assessed and approved by a design review committee. The Ecovillage will assist residents and designers with resources and information so that the design, approvals and construction process is kept simple and is as user friendly as possible.